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Stand Up & Celebrate

Action Happens: Online
Effort Level: Low to Moderate
Who Can Do It? Anyone celebrating something

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Use Your Tools to Spread the Word and Ask For Donations


Monitor Donations &
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Fundraise for SU2C: Elevate Your Celebration

Want your special day to be more meaningful? By choosing to request donations for SU2C instead of presents you spread the joy and help create something even bigger.

You'll feel good and so will they. Let your friends and family do something important with their good wishes. Give them the chance to support innovative research on your behalf.

We make it simple. Sign up and fill your personal fundraising page with stories, photos and updates. We'll provide you with templates to help - from spreading the word to your friends to thank you notes for your donors.

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Just a few Examples

  • Weddings, Bridal Showers & Anniversaries
  • Birthdays and Baby Showers
  • Cancer Survivor Anniversaries
  • Graduations, Personal Milestones
  • Mother's Day, Father's Day or Any Holiday

 Ready to Stand Up & Celebrate?

Need Inspiration? Meet Someone Who's Done It


SU2C Thanks Isabella Chevez Who Used Her 8th Birthday to Fight Cancer

"Hi my name is Isabella Chevez. I will be 8 on November 17th. Instead of presents for my birthday this year, I want money to help people like my uncle fight Cancer. I hope one day we can cure all the Cancers there are and no one will have to die. I am trying to get people to help but I am only 7 so my mom is helping me and I need your help too. We can fight Cancer together."

Instead of receiving birthday gifts, Isabella raised $535 to support cancer research.

Here's Why It Matters: Funding Collaborative Research

Stand Up To Cancer brings together talented scientists and doctors from different institutions to collaborate on Dream Teams.
The goal:  Speed up the discovery of new therapies across all cancer types, and get them to patients.

So far, SU2C has funded 20 Dream Teams, 6 Translational Research Grants, and 46 Innovative Research Grants.

We're getting results. Results like a new first-line therapy for advanced pancreatic cancer. And expedited FDA approval of a treatment for advanced breast cancer. SU2C delivers on its commitment to move promising work from the lab bench to the patient's bedside within three years.   

"It's the best dollar spent in this country for support of cancer research and benefit of patients"

Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chairman of SU2C's Scientific Advisory Committee