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SU2C Scientific Research Teams

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Peter Lee, MD

Scientific Research Team:
Peter Lee, MD

Peter Lee, MD

The Stand Up To Cancer – Breast Cancer Research Foundation – V Foundation Breast Cancer Convergence Translational

Dr. Lee is Billy Wilder Endowed Chair in Immuno-Oncology at City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center. His research focuses on understanding how the tumor microenvironment (TME) impacts host immune responses, with the goal of developing novel treatments to modulate the TME and restore/enhance immune function in cancer patients. Dr. Lee seeks to rationally integrate immunotherapies into combinations to achieve proper treatment sequencing and maximum clinical efficacy. His research utilizes state-of-the-art technologies – such as high-dimensional flow cytometry, 3-dimensional microculture of cells from primary and metastatic tumors, quantitative spatial image analysis, and next-generation genomics – to dissect the complex interplay between immune/stromal cells and cancer cells within tumors, tumor-draining lymph nodes (TDLNs), and blood. Dr. Lee’s group also utilizes computational modeling and network analysis to understand the population dynamics of cancer, stroma, and immune responses, as well as control theory to find novel interventions. As such, Dr. Lee’s team is highly interdisciplinary, combining immunology, pathology, genomics, bioinformatics, mathematical modeling, computer science, engineering, network analysis, and control systems.

Dr. Lee trained in clinical immunology at UCSF and hematology at Stanford. He has over 80 peer-reviewed publications and trained over 20 pre- and postdoctoral fellows. He is an elected member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), and recipient of Damon Runyon Scholar Award, American Cancer Society Research Scholar Award, Dept. of Defense Era of Hope Scholar Award for Breast Cancer Research, Dept. of Defense Multi-Team Award for Breast Cancer Research, and Dept. of Defense Era of Hope Expansion Award for Breast Cancer Research.