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The SU2C Funding Model

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We are at a pivotal moment in time, when scientists believe they have—at last—both the knowledge and the technology to make critical breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.

To facilitate these breakthroughs, two key ingredients are needed:

  1. New ways for researchers at different institutions to work together.
  2. Additional funding for that collaboration.

That’s what Stand Up To Cancer is designed to bring about: a unified effort among all scientists and clinicians against a common foe – cancer.

SU2C and the scientists whose work we support have a laser-like focus on developments that can be moved quickly from the lab to the clinic, where they can be used to save patients’ lives.  This part of the cancer research spectrum is called translational research, and SU2C utilizes a team approach on just such projects.  Data is shared across institutions, and scientists long accustomed to competing are encouraged to work together, across disciplines and across Institutions. 

Collaborative, multidisciplinary scientific research teams are the cornerstone of SU2C’s mission to deliver treatments to patients faster.  SU2C has funded 48 Teams spanning more than 140 institutions.

Since December of 2009 SU2C has also awarded smaller high-risk, high-reward Innovative Research Grants to another 46 scientists.

SU2C’s Scientific Review Committee is committed to finding projects that have a strong potential for breakthrough in a small amount of time.  Read more about SU2C’s Research Model.

Read More about Where The Money Goes.


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