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Emily Whitehead Celebrates 5 Years Cancer-Free

Former SU2C cancer patient, Emily Whitehead, 12 years old and five years cancer-free, speaks up about her role as face of cancer immunotherapy.

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SU2C IRG Recipient says there is no ‘time to waste’ to find cancer cure

Melissa Skala, PhD, a 2016 recipient of an SU2C Innovative Research Grant, says the IRG program, with its quick turnaround and emphasis on results, is “the way science should be.”

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SU2C-American Cancer Society Lung Cancer Dream Team discover new strategy in treating patients

Dr. Janne and the SU2C-American Cancer Society Lung Cancer Dream Team have been focused on treating lung cancer patients with mutant KRAS. In this new publication, they report that a subgroup of patients with mutant KRAS may benefit from drugs called MEK inhibitors, if these patients do not have as much of the non-mutant KRAS protein. This information is helpful in deciding what treatments can be used for certain patients with mutant KRAS.

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Scientists map genomes of brain tumors in search of targets for drug treatment

Scientists with the SU2C-St. Baldrick’s Foundation Pediatric Cancer Dream Team mapped out the genetic landscape of selected ependymomas to find targets for treatment and reported encouraging preliminary data on the identification of drugs that could have an impact on the tumors.

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Emily Whitehead is named one of the “10 people who mattered this year” by Nature

Emily Whitehead, the little girl who was first person ever to receive the CAR-T treatment for leukemia, has been named one of the “ten people who mattered this year” by Nature, the world’s most influential journal of multidisciplinary science, marking FDA approval of the treatment, supported by SU2C research.

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